Posted by: resparish | November 4, 2016

Reading Partners – SAM Update


Greetings from the Social Action Ministry.

Donna Beres and I, Angela Rausch, wanted to let you know of a few things that are happening with SAM.

Full disclosure, I’m not a good reader.  Anyone who has attended daily mass has undoubtedly heard my mispronunciations and flubs and total paralysis at the ambo.  Remember “Artaxerxes,” or my most recent, “idolatry.”  So I’m a bit surprised to be volunteering for Reading Partners.

Back in the spring we brought Reading Partners to Res to speak about their work to help school children read at grade level.  During that talk and at our orientation we learned that only twenty percent of low-income children read proficiently by fourth grade.  That’s huge.  The program is nationwide and partners with schools that have a significant portion of low-income students.  Reading Partner volunteers tutor either once a week or twice a week for an hour.  The volunteer works with the same student through out the year.

My son, Bryce and I started volunteering a couple months ago.  We go every Wednesday afternoon to read with our partners.  There’s a set curriculum we follow that is designed specifically for each child.

The third grade young lady I tutor is a delight.  She is bright, bubbly and tries very hard.  Bryce’s third grader is a very quiet young man.  I think we are both learning again the struggles of reading.  As I child I remember praying fervently to learn to read.  I really thought it was a miracle to read and so hoped God would grant me one.  Finally it seemed to come like magic.  Strange, I remember teaching Bryce to read and it also came like magic.  His magic came many years before these students we are working with.  But magic really isn’t what happened.  Bryce and I had someone to read with us at home who gave endless hours.  You can give that same gift to those in need.

SAM encourages parishioners to learn more about this program and Volunteer NOW to help stop the cycle of poverty. Give as little as one hour per week (we welcome more!!) and make a difference for a child in your community.  For more information visit