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Minnie Mildred Alves, 1924 – 2015

MinnieAlvesMinnie Mildred Moniz Alves died on Friday, April 17, 2015. She was 90 years old.

Minnie Mildred Moniz was born in Petaluma, California on November 22, 1924. She had eight brothers and three sisters. All who have gone home to our Lord. Minnie is the last surviving from the Moniz children of Joseph and Evangelina . Her Father Joseph Moniz and her mother Evangelina Soares moved the family in 1927 to the Dawson Ranch located on the Old San Francisco Road in Sunnyvale, California. Minnie was born during a time when her father Joseph was away a lot working on Tuna Boats in Southern California. Her mother Lena found work in the Libby cannery and fruit packing houses. Minnie was the fifth from the youngest child. She attended school only thru the eighth grade. She was needed at home to tend to the younger siblings and to help with cooking, laundry and cleaning while the older siblings worked. She learned at a very young age to be responsible and caring. She continued that caring role into her adult life. As a young woman she found work in Redwood City, California where she met and married Russell John Alves in 1953.They bought a home in Mountain View. A year later she had a daughter Susan Marie. Seven years later she had another daughter Gloria Jean and they moved to Sunnyvale. She spent nearly fifty years in that home.
She was blessed to stay at home and raise her two daughters. After Susan and Gloria left home she decided to go back to school and get her diploma at De Anza College. Education was important to her and she was never able to finish school as a child but she succeeded that as an adult. She never had to work but after she finished college she got a part time job at a deli in which she loved. After they closed she went to work in the Sunnyvale Mall at Paradise Bakery. She liked to keep busy and was full of energy. Through the years she loved to entertain with her husband Russ. They were always involved with their families and friends. She attended church every Sunday with her daughters and lead her life with faith. Her daughters attended Catholic School. She took care of her mother and all her siblings. Family was always first she said. Through the years she had great sadness with the loss her husband Russell and other family and friends, but she always remained strong and believed in her faith.
She loved becoming a grandmother and was blessed to have six grandchildren Melissa, Sarah, Rebecca, Jonathan, Jessica and Michael. Which blessed her with eight great grandchildren, Ariel, Trinity, Isaac, Elijah, Amayiah, Collin, Isaiah, and Ethan. She enjoyed being with all of them. She was a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to all of us. Her door was always open and she enjoyed company.
She loved to play bingo at St. Josephs in Cupertino. She did some traveling through the years and enjoyed it but always was happy to come home to her family. She loved dolls and she collected and made many thru the years. She kept a tidy home and taught her daughters responsibility and respect.
She was very healthy all her life until she had a stroke at the age of 87. That slowed her way down and she no longer was able to drive or live alone. She moved in with her daughter Susan and son in law Jassi.
Two years later she was diagnosed with Parkinson. She never complained about her illnesses that happened to her later in life. She made the most out of it and continued to push that tiny body to the end. She passed away peacefully at home with her daughter Susan and Jassi. She will be missed by many. She taught us that we all have a purpose in life and to live it to the fullest and believe in God.

Minnie’s Vigil service will take place at 3:00 pm on Sunday, April 26th, at the Lima & Campagna Funeral Home in Sunnyvale. Her Funeral Mass will be at 10:00 am on Monday, April 27th, here at the Church of the Resurrection.

Please keep Minnie and her family in your prayers.