Posted by: resparish | December 4, 2014

Melissa Anne Kennon, 1995 – 2014

Meliisa Kennon-medMelissa Kennon passed away on November 7 at the age of 19.

Melissa’s parents have shared,

We knew that Melissa was special from the day that she was born. Melissa had a unique perspective about everything. She caused people to look at ordinary things in a different way. She found beauty and wonder in the most simple things. She was always innocent for her years and at the same time had an unusual perceptiveness about people.

Melissa loved dresses that twirled and sun flowers. She was curious, energetic, creative, and sensitive. Her teacher in the second grade compared her to Alice in Wonderland. Melissa was indeed like Alice, she lead a life full of adventure. Melissa was brave and had a lot of courage. She played ice hockey on a boys team. She always strived to be the best she could be. Melissa had many talents; she played the piano and guitar, wrote songs and sang with her beautiful voice. She loved to play the Rolling Stones and Beatles albums on her record player. Melissa had a natural talent for art. She made beautiful and creative paintings and pottery. Melissa was a mermaid, she surfed, she swam and she loved the ocean. She delighted in every experience and packed as much life as possible into every moment she lived. She never wanted to miss anything. She was beautiful and full of hope.

Most of all Melissa loved other people and her dog Oliver. Melissa touched the lives of many people with her love and her delight for living. She made people happy and was always there to care for her friends. She challenged people to achieve what they thought they could not achieve. She opened up new possibilities for others. She made people happy. She cared deeply for her friends and provided support when they needed her most.

Melissa changed the world. She changed the lives of many people. She changed us and she changed the world for us. We will forever be grateful that we had her in our lives and We will forever miss her laughter and her love. Melissa made sand angels in her turtle sand box when she was a toddler. Melissa was our world. Melissa is our angel.

Love you to the black holes and back, forever and ever. No matter what.

Mom and Dad

Melissa’s Memorial Mass will take place here at the Church of the Resurrection on Saturday, December 6th, at 1:00 pm.

Please keep Melissa and her family in your prayers.