Posted by: resparish | August 5, 2014

Tijuana Ministry 2014

TJ_Min2014_Res_ParticipantsLast month twelve Resurrection parishioners joined Fr. Bob and almost 80 others, including parishioners and clergy from St. Simon’s, St. Julie’s, and other parishes of our diocese, on a one-week mission to Tijuana, Mexico. Their work included the building of five houses (2 full houses and 3 “shell” houses with less-complete interiors), providing educational and recreational opportunities for local children and teens, and enrichment programs for their mothers.


The concrete slabs for the five houses were poured by St. Eugenio parish members before our arrival. Instead of pre-building the frames, as was done last year, we purchased supplies and built all the structures there in Tijuana. Training sessions on the use of power tools and other construction techniques were given to Tijuana Ministry participants before the trip.


More pictures of the construction of this house


Other programs include a children’s program with arts and crafts, healthy snacks and games. A teen program with social activities and sports,and a mother’s program that includes prayer, socializing and handcrafts.




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[Photos: Fr. Bob Leger & Lynn O’Connell]