Posted by: resparish | June 13, 2014

We Welcome Sacred Heart Tamil Catholic Group

Tamil LogoChurch of the Resurrection is pleased to welcome the Sacred Heart Tamil Catholic Group to our parish. Giving this group a parish home not only allows their fellowship, prayer and bible study to grow and to flourish, but it also enriches our already diverse community.

There are several members of this group who are already a part of our parish and help us in various ministries. As we reorganize our Donut/Hospitality ministry on Sunday mornings, the SHTCG group is on the front lines with us volunteering in our hospitality ministry for the weekend of July 27th, to serve the refreshments in Farana. Please stop in and introduce yourself and get to know some of the members of their group.

The SHTCG ministry schedule is as follows:
Weekly Prayer and catechism on Saturdays at 6 pm. (in Farana or Chapel as noted in the parish calendar.)
Monthly Mass in Tamil on the second Saturday of each month, at 7:00 pm, in the church.

As a distinct ethnic community, the mission of Sacred Heart Tamil Catholic Group is to remain committed to the Catholic faith, experience the Christian living; celebrate the sacraments, help the community through love and charity.

The Sacred Heart Tamil Catholic Group (SHTCG) first emerged through the inspiration of a dedicated few families. The SHTCG, hosted its first prayer session in one of its members home and celebrated its first Tamil Mass at St. Athanasius church hall, Mountain View in April 2014. The prayer session and Mass was so successful that the Sacred Heart Tamil Catholic Group was launched immediately thereafter.

The Sacred Heart Tamil Catholic Group continues as a lay apostolate, planned and organized by an all-volunteer effort. This inspiring opportunity for prayer, reflection and formation is recognized and supported by the Diocese of San Jose. In May 2014, SHTCG became part of the Church of Resurrection making Resurrection church SHTCG’s permanent home for all of its activities.

SHTCG is fundamentally a prayer group. The group’s aim is to cultivate a habit of prayer amongst Tamil catholics and to revitalize the catholic faith. SHTCG is bound up in teaching the children of the Tamil ethnic group the Christian doctrine in an organic and systematic way so they shape into the fullness of Christian life.