Posted by: resparish | November 5, 2013

Spirit of Faith, Love and Compassion – The Church of the Resurrection

JubileeLogo-200Fifty years ago the Church of the Resurrection parish was born, in the midst of the orchards in the valley of St. Claire. Neighboring parishes gave way to new lines drawn by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and the founders gathered – the church gathered. Since the “church” is the people, the fact that no building existed yet did not change the course of events! From a store front nearby, to a round multi-purpose room transformed into a sacred space, to a magnificent worship space of today, Church of the Resurrection became a faith community in Sunnyvale.

The building of the church stands, spacious and sacred, bathed in the ever-changing light that shines through the stained glass windows, or waits patiently and quietly secure in God’s night, ready for each time the doors open and the faithful arrive. The parishioners in the pews today are a diverse mixture of people from all around the world, blended with the last of the founding members, their children and grandchildren. The flow of the generations is renewed with Christ’s people who move here searching for a spiritual home. Those born into the faith and those called later in life welcome together, the people who arrive at our doorstep on the beginning their search for God’s light of life. Drawn to Mass each day, each weekend, the people of Church of the Resurrection come together to pray and to give thanks. Their gathering begins hours – even days earlier, in their hearts, where the light and Spirit of Christ lives and calls to them.

Now, on this day of November 10, 2013, the church will fill with families to celebrate fifty years of a special and dear faith community with Bishop Patrick J. McGrath, pastor Fr. Robert Léger, Fr. Allen Navarro, associate, and all of the priests who have served and found spiritual homes here. The church – the people, are a snapshot of the disciples of Christ here now in the valley, carrying the Spirit of God, in there hearts. They are followers of the Son of God, who walked this same earth over two thousand years ago and carry the spirit of faith, love and compassion forward into the future, linked through humanity, time and the Holy Spirit,