Posted by: resparish | March 23, 2013

Tijuana Ministry – Stepping Up

TJMin-smThank you for your many inquiries, interests and help provided to make our Tijuana Ministry a meaningful experience for us all.
Progressing through the Lenten Season, we have been preparing ourselves for Christ, who sacrificed himself for us, dying and rising on Easter Sunday.  What a yearly period of feeling God’s presence in our lives!  What do we learn from this givin?.  How are we giving to others?  Many have plans: praying for others in need, helping families, providing food for the homeless, raising our children and teaching them to be Catholics with a strong faith.  What a wonderful time of the year to dedicate ourselves to new and improved lifestyles.  We hope we are bringing a new giving experience to parishioners, to also give to other Catholics in need in our new Tijuana Ministry.  Join us!
We progress in the preparation for our assistance to our neighbors to our south by 1. Praying for them, 2. Raising funds to purchase construction supplies to build houses and a needed church building addition. 3. Helping in the pre-construction activities in San Jose during the next 2 months. 4.  Preparing the way for fellow parishioners to go, interface with and assist in construction projects, mother, youth and team programs in Tijuana in July, 13-20, of this year.
As we do before our TJ meeting preparations, we pray for our sisters and brothers to the south that they will find better resources in their lives.  Please take a moment to pray with us for this wonderful cause.  We are beginning to raise funds for construction and will be planning Resurrection parish events to provide some of this funding.  We need assistance with both planning and parish participation in events and will begin with a meeting scheduled for Thurday evening April 11th in the Farana Center.  Please join us to help raise funds, planning, participating and attending events.  Please join us in pre-construction activities in Mid May and Early June-More information forthcoming.  Please plan to join us in Tijuana to experience the giving and receiving of togetherness in God.
We hope to see you on Thursday April 11th at 7PM in the Farana Center for planning events.  Please Come.