Posted by: resparish | January 27, 2013

Resurrection Participates in Tijuana Ministry

TJMinistry2013LogoSmallResurrection parish is joining with St Julie’s and St Simon’s parishes of the Diocese of San Jose in contributing time and money to help individual and parish construction and learning projects for one week this coming July in Tijuana, Mexico.  All of us are welcome and encouraged to give something of ourselves this year to this impoverished area.

This ministry is being led by Deacon Bob Malone of St. Julie’s who is coordinating the trip again this year and will be assisted by Bob Masik of Resurrection Parish. Bob Masik can be reached at 1-408-245-2611.

2013 projects include the construction of two family houses for 2 selected parish families and the expansion of a Tijuana parish church.  As we have in in past years, we will provide full houses for families with pre-constructed walls brought from the Bay Area to Tijuana.  Interior and exterior painting, lighting, plumbing and roofing is included to complete the house construction during the week. Construction skills, electrical plumbing etc., while desired, is not necessary to assist in the construction.  We need your volunteer help.  More information and planning is forthcoming.

Additional services include working with women, youth and teen services in 2 parishes.  Daily services during the week include working with target adults and children, the interfacing our family members and TJ members to share and learn from each other, and growing as new community friends. Spanish language skill, while desired, is not required.

Please learn how you can help in the Tijuana Mission service by attending an evening orientation.  Needed are volunteers to go to Tijuana to participate in the construction and in the family learning and interface.   Additionally needed are local fundraisers who can interface with Resurrection parishioners and contact local companies to secure construction funding.

 Our 1st Resurrection Parish meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 11th at 7:00 pm in the Alcoves of Farana Center.  We encourage your participation in this event and look forward to you being a part of this wonderful experience.