Posted by: resparish | November 8, 2012

Responding to Superstorm Sandy

During the last ten days or so we have witnessed the terrible devastation brought about by Superstorm Sandy and made even worse by the “Nor’easter” storm that has brought more misery to the much the same area that was ravaged by Sandy.

Resurrection Parish will be taking up a collection for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts on the weekend of November 24/25 and the proceeds of that collection will be forwarded to Catholic Charities through our diocese.  If you would like to donate earlier, you are welcome to place your donation in an envelope, indicate on the envelope that it’s for hurricane or superstorm relief, and either drop that envelope in the collection any week or bring it by the rectory.

Donations can also be made to Catholic Charities online by going to
1-800-919-9338  |  P.O. Box 17066 | Baltimore, MD 21297-1066

The need is great.  Thanks in advance to response to this import cause!