Posted by: resparish | July 27, 2012

Estate Planning Seminar – August 8th

Four minutes, four days, forty years, longer or shorter; we do not know when our time will come. Part of our responsibilities as Catholics is to be prepared in many ways for our eventual passing, in addition to spiritually. The primary goal of the Estate Planning Seminar is to get our treasures sorted out for our loved ones, as statistically only 3 out of 10 Americans have taken care of this need. If you are one of the 7 in 10 Americans that still need to attend to these matters, it is most urgent that you attend the seminars at Resurrection on Wednesday, August 8.

The session is approximately ninety minutes and begins at 3:30 pm. The seminar will be presented by John Wunderling,Attorney at Law. If, after attending, you decide to put this area of your life in order, they offer a one hour no-cost personal consultation for those that request it. However, there is no obligation to use their services. The intention of the seminar is to simply get this area of your life in order. There will be updates to current law and trends. All are welcome to this no-cost seminar.

Call for reservations today! (408) 245-5554, ext. 20.

UPDATE:  The evening session  that was originally planned has been canceled.  The afternoon session will take place as planned.