Posted by: resparish | April 30, 2012

Michael Haas to Become Our Parish Deacon

Michael R. Haas, a long-time parishioner of Resurrection Parish, will be ordained to the permanent diaconate at 9:30 am on Saturday, May 12th, at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in San Jose.    Bishop McGrath has formally assigned Deacon Michael Haas to serve Resurrection Parish as a deacon, effective July 1st.

On Sunday, May 13, at the 8:30 Mass, Mike will serve as a deacon and preach.  Please join us in welcoming Mike to his new position at Resurrection.  There will be a reception for him after this 8:30 Mass.

Mike and his wife, Kathleen, joined Resurrection Parish in 1992.  Since that time Mike has served our parish as a Eucharistic Minister, as the director of our RCIA (2004 to 2008) and has helped form and lead a men’s faith sharing group.  Mike is also active in the Cursillo movement, and has been a volunteer at the InnVision Homeless Shelter and at O’Connor Hospital.  Kathleen Haas has also been active in ministry for many years.  She graduated from the Institute for Leadership in Ministry in 2004, and completed the Advanced Lay Leadership Program in 2008. She had previously spent a number of years as the Liturgy Steward on Resurrection’s former Board of Stewards.

Mike says that he decided to become a deacon, “so that I can immerse myself more deeply in the people of God.  Every ministry I have undertaken to date has made me fall more in love with Christ and his Church.  Through these ministries I have discovered the living God, understood who my neighbors are, and learned much about myself.  Consequently, as a deacon, I look forward to participating in a variety of ministries and encouraging others to do the same.  I believe that this service will continue to mature my faith while helping others to grow in theirs.”

Mike and Kathleen have three grown children (Robert, Karen and Stephen) and two grandchildren (Ann, 8, and Michael, 5).

Mike has been working at NASA-Ames Research Center since March, 1977.  He is currently working for the Kepler Mission, which uses a high-precision space-borne photometer to measure the frequency of earth-size planets in the habitable zones of sun-like stars.

We congratulate Mike on his upcoming ordination to the diaconate and we look forward to the many ways he will serve with us as our parish deacon.  Please keep Mike and his ministry in your prayers.