Posted by: resparish | December 16, 2011

Parking Lot Lights: Installation Update

LATEST UPDATE: Friday, December 30th

The long-awaited poles for our parking lot lights have been received by our lighting contractor.  The installation of the poles and lights will begin next Tuesday, January 3rd, and installation should be completed by the end of the week.

UPDATE:  Tuesday, December 27th:

We have received word that there has been an additional delay of the shipment of the poles for our parking lot lights.   The poles are now due to be delivered to our electrical contractor  this coming Friday.  The schedule for the start of installation in now Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012.  We will keep you up to date on developments.

UPDATE: Wednesday, December 21st:

Contrary to the word we had received last week, the poles for our parking lot lights were not shipped to us last Thursday – apparently because of a problem with the trucking company that was to carry them.  Consequently, we will not have our new parking lot lights in operation in time for Christmas.  However, we have arranged with a lighting company to rent us temporary lights and poles to light our parking lot for our Masses this Friday and  Christmas Eve.

We regret not being able to have our new lights in place in time for Christmas but take consolation in the fact that we will be able to provide lighting for our Christmas Eve Masses and the installation of the new lights will follow soon afterwards.

Happy Christmas!


ORIGINAL POST (Dec. 16th):

The installation of our parking lot lights continues to progress.  The light fixtures have already arrived.  The poles, which were shipped yesterday, are expected to arrive next Monday (Dec. 19th) and the installation of the light fixtures and poles will begin on Tuesday.

Our lighting contractor has discovered the need for one extra step.  It turns out that we are having a problem with the church’s main power switch and that problem will require the attention of PG&E before we will be able to send electrical power to our new lights.  We hope to have that problem resolved by next week.

With all the trenching that was required for the installation of our new lights, the parking lot will need to be repaved and re-striped.  That process will be scheduled for next spring or summer when we will have the warmer temperatures required for the paving work.

Check back here for further updates.