Posted by: resparish | August 12, 2011

Mrs. Jacque Wright – our New Resurrection School Principal

As you may already have heard, Mrs. Jacque Wright is taking on the position of principal of Resurrection Parish School.  Mrs. Wright has served the Resurrection community for the past twenty-two years.  She began in Extended Care and after obtaining her teaching credential she moved into the classroom where she touched hundreds of students for twenty-one years in grades 2 – 4.  Not only has she taught in the classroom, but she has been actively involved as Director of the Summer School program for twenty-two years, a Volleyball coach for the after-school athletics program, co-director of the school’s extensive Community Outreach program, a co-moderator for the Student Council, and a mentor teacher to new staff members beginning their teaching journey.

As Mrs. Wright takes on her new role she will be equipped not only with her teaching credential, which she has used so well, but also with a Masters degree in educational administration from Santa Clara University and a Certificate in Catholic Leadership, also from Santa Clara University.

Born in Southern California as the youngest of eight children, Mrs. Wright understands first-hand the meaning of teamwork and working together as a family unit and in a professional setting.  It is her strong Catholic faith, and her skills to mediate, listen, be fair and just, as well as to nurture the students and staff that she brings to her new role.  For example, on any given day when an ambulance drives by on Hollenbeck with its sirens on, you could look around the school grounds and see students in Mrs. Wright’s fourth grade class and older stop playing to make the sign of the cross and say a quick prayer for whomever the ambulance crew is destined to help.   It is these values of compassion, prayer, and respect for all that Mrs. Wright instills in her students.

She and her husband have three children who attend Resurrection School thus her investment in this community strikes close to home.  As we look towards the future of Resurrection School, the school and parish community are excited to have Mrs. Wright and her commitment to Catholic education at the helm of the school.