Posted by: resparish | April 29, 2011

Update on Capital Projects

What a beautiful new roof!!

Well, it still needs a crown, but all in the right order and with properly set tar in place, we will be rejuvenated and ready for years to come!

Thanks to everyone for your financial support and understanding patience through our roofing process.  It was quite an experience with adjustments to open entryways, extra rhythmic percussion sounds from above and the aroma of tar!  We have made it through and now we have a lovely new roof to protect our church.  The cupola or crown is the last “crowning glory” of the project and will be completed soon.

Lights are the theme of the other ongoing and upcoming projects.  The walkway lighting is underway way and will soon be coming to a conclusion once we receive all of the light fixtures and are able to pour the concrete for their installation.  The fixtures to be used will not only make our grounds safer at night, but will also enhance the beauty of our property.

Lighting is also in the works for our parking lot and that is slated to begin at the end of the summer/early fall.

We are blessed to have the resources to take care of our church, property, all for the safety and enjoyment of the people of Resurrection and our Sunnyvale community.