Posted by: resparish | April 4, 2011

A New Roof for Church of the Resurrection

[Update:  Please see note at the end of this article regarding access to the chapel during the roof replacement.]

Church of the Resurrection’s Plea Dollars are definitely at work this week.  Our church is finally getting its new roof!

If you drive by the church this week or attend Mass, you will see the roofing process unfold, section by section.  The workers begin during the weekdays, around 8:45 a.m. (after daily Mass) and put a full day of work in, as weather permits.  At this pace, says Wes Leiser our maintenance committee lead, we are scheduled to finish this project in 3 weeks or maybe less.  The people of Resurrection have raised the funds, chosen the shingles and will soon be secure under their new roof!

Two companies, who have a history of working together, have teams of workers coordinating the efforts of both shingling and replacing the cupola, the “crown” that encircles the top of our church.  Cooperation is needed in this project as the rebuilding of the cupola is intrinsically linked to the installation of the new roof. The process requires that only the area of the roof that can be completed in a days work may be exposed each morning. Our California weather will dictate the pace of the work.

[Special note: Most of the time during the roof replacement the external doors to the chapel will be blocked, making  it impossible to enter the chapel directly from the outside of the building.  During this time, entrance to the chapel will be through the sacristy – the next door east of the chapel doors on the parking lot side of the church.  Also, it will be impossible to reach the chapel via the walkway on the rectory side of the church.  Please come around to the parking lot side of the church to gain access to the chapel (through the sacristy).  We regret the necessity of this inconvenience.]