Posted by: resparish | April 2, 2011

Maintenance Projects or Capital Development – Is There a Difference?

Yes!  While there has been a lot of talk about the recent success of the Plea to Our Congregation, regular parish maintenance has gone on, mostly behind the scene, since Resurrection has been a parish.  As our parish matures (remember we will celebrate our 50th anniversary in a few years), our maintenance needs continue to increase and the reason why we continue to request Parish Maintenance 2nd Collections. Resurrection has spent many thousands of dollars for on-going maintenance every year; however, the cost would be significantly higher if not for the hard work performed quietly by a core group of volunteers. Our Resurrection Facilities & Maintenance committee, Wes Leiser and Frank Curtin and their team, deserve our sincere thanks for keeping the lights on, the water running and the heat warming us during the winter. In fact, Wes and his team are responsible for over one hundred individual Church, Rectory, Farana Center and Resurrection School projects. Just a few statistics from 2007-2011:

  • 24 projects completed based on “in-Kind” contractor donations of materials saving over $15,000 (most of which came from contractor relationships and our facilities committee).
  • 35 projects completed at a cost of almost $70,000 (from Parish budget and 2nd collections)
  • 47 projects completed strictly through volunteer efforts.

To see a complete list of the projects, click here.

In the next few weeks, expect an update and more detail on the capital development list of projects.