Posted by: resparish | December 25, 2010

News of Mission Jamaica

[Fr. Robert Brocato is a priest of the Diocese of San Jose serving the Diocese of  Montego Bay in Jamaica on a temporary basis.  He is there in fulfillment of a pledge our own Bishop McGrath made to the Bishop of Montego Bay to send priests (one at a time) from the Diocese of San Jose to help respond to the great needs of the Church in Montego Bay.]

Christmas greetings from Montego Bay, Jamaica!  Since July 2009 I have happily served on the Montego Bay Diocesan Evangelization Team with a Maryknoll priest and several Jamaicans.  Some highlights: In November we brought out Anne Grycz to help us set up a Jamaican version of the ILM.  The first weekend session of the Institute for Servant Ministry was a huge success. I also serve as informal chaplain to a local orphanage an AIDS hospice. If you go to my blog ( you will see photos of the ISM, Blessed Assurance and Hope Hospice. I have a request: please write to someone at Hope Hospice.  Any of the patients would be thrilled beyond words to get a letter. The blog tells you how to do that (and how to contact me).  You the people of the Diocese of San Jose have always been in my prayers and I thank you for your prayers for me. Have the most Christmas season!   – Fr Robert Brocato