Posted by: resparish | November 26, 2010

Update on Our Plea

We asked and you listened

We asked and you gave

While our plea to the congregation runs through December and we encourage you to give if you have not yet done so, we are thrilled to tell you that our outreach has been a huge success

Since our committee formation over 7 months ago, we have often referred to the rich heritage of Resurrection Parish and to the generations of Res parishioners that have given of themselves

While we recognize the many wonderful milestones in Resurrection’s history this may be our finest hour as we approach the 50th anniversary.

This rich heritage and this recent success come at a pivotal time and in no small part from your stewardship – the giving of your time, your talent and, now, the giving of your treasure

Recall that when we launched the plea, we sought to raise $250,000 for a new roof, improved parish lighting and raise enough to address a few important deferred maintenance projects.  Three weeks ago, we announced that we had raised enough to start the most important part – our roof replacement. We also asked that if you had not yet given – please do

We asked and you gave more

To date, we have exceeded the $250,000 goal.  With the plea running through the end of December – we are now at 170% of our goal.  About 150 families have contributed over $425,000

We are now in a position to do maintenance and upgrades to our parish that we could only have dreamed of a few short months ago.

As we wind down the outreach phase of Our Plea to the Congregation, we begin to ramp up the operational part of the project.  Last week we announced the meeting with the diocese facilities director and completion of our roof request for proposal.  By February, we expect to have selected the best roofing contractor and start work immediately following the rains.

We have also started a similar process to address the parking lot and grounds lighting and will give you an update in the next few weeks.

Lastly, our facilities and maintenance committee has compiled a comprehensive list of all needed maintenance beyond the rood and lighting. More on this list of projects will be shared over the next few weeks as well.

As we transition to the operational phase – in other words – starting to do the work – we will transition coordination under Fr. Bob’s leadership to our facilities and maintenance committee.

If you have a suggestion – we want to hear from you so please share ideas with our maintenance and improvements leader, Wes Leiser – his contact info is in the bulletin.

In closing, thank you to all who have given and if you have yet to contribute please do so prior to year’s end – it will make a difference.