Posted by: resparish | August 7, 2010

Faith Formation Registration

“When children are baptized, parents accept the responsibility to bring up their children in the  practice of the faith and to see to it that the divine life that God gives them is kept safe…to grow always stronger in their hearts.”
-Rite of Baptism of Children no. 56

For ongoing growth in closeness to God and in the practice of our faith it is important to enroll your  child in our dynamic Parish Faith Formation program every year from grades K-8. We are now  accepting continuing and new registrations for 2010/11. Registrations forms are available at the exits  of the Church, the parish office, and online at the parish website.

Sacrament Preparation: Celebrations of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist take place in Grade 2; the Sacrament of Confirmation in Grade 8. A minimum of two years enrollment in the Parish Faith  Formation program is required to celebrate the sacrament. Contact the Faith Formation Office at (408) 746-0172 for more information.