Posted by: resparish | June 30, 2010

Welcome Fr. Allen Navarro!

Fr. Allen, ordained a priest of the Diocese of San Jose just a year ago, is technically not a “new arrival” at Church of the Resurrection.  As a seminary student, Fr. Allen lived at the parish during 7 of the past 8 years and, as his health allowed, ministered to parishioners here at Eucharistic and liturgical celebrations on weekends and weekdays.

What is “new” is that Fr. Allen has been assigned to our parish as a “Parochial Vicar” (we used to say “associate pastor”), effective July 1, 2010.

So, “officially”, WELCOME, FR. ALLEN!

Fr. Allen brings to the parish many talents and personal charisms.

  • special training and a year of experience working as hospital chaplain at Kaiser Hospital in South San Jose – with a dedication only experience as a patient and minister to the sick can bring.
  • a personal dedication to priestly ministry over many years – from the date when he began his studies in the Philippines, to the date he chose to study for and serve the Diocese of San Jose, and the long years during his patient endurance until he was at last diagnosed and treated for a rare neurological injury and had to wait to continue his studies for ordination to priesthood;
  • Fr.  Allen is proficient in several languages (yes, including English!) and is enthused to be offered this pastoral assignment in a parish he considers “home”.

Fr. Allen’s background and “vitae” was posted to the parish web site about  a year ago – just prior to and just after his ordination to priesthood.

For the parish priests and staff, Fr. Allen’s assignment by Bishop McGrath is a cause of celebration!  Not only do we know Fr. Allen, but we have shared with him his love for Christ, and his vision and commitment to serving the Church – as a seminary student, transitional deacon, and now as parochial vicar of our parish.

On a personal note, Fr. Allen has many talents – including the ability to cook his favorite (Filipino) foods, a sense of humor, deep love for the Church, and a passion for the Lakers – his favorite professional basketball team.

Join us in welcoming Fr. Allen as a member of our ministry team and a priest of our parish.