Posted by: resparish | April 13, 2010

Every Adult Parish Member Needed…and Can Help!

The first organizational meeting for this needed parish ministry was held on April 10th – and much was accomplished in moving forward to meet the various needs of our parish members who care for terminally ill loved ones, who are in the throes of dealing with the passing of a loved one and planning for their last rites and burial, or who have recently lost a loved one and in the process of grieving.

The next meeting will take place in the Video Room of Farana Center on Saturday, May 1st at 11:30 AM.  Bring your own bag lunch/beverage and join us as we pray, plan and organize this parishioner-to-parishioner ministry of compassion and caring.

Everyone can help: the homebound can volunteer as part of the parish prayer-chain; the able can assist in visits to families, helping with receptions after wakes and funeral masses, or being a relief caregiver to those who nurse a loved one with terminal illness.

Questions?  Call the parish office  (408-245-5554) to speak to Mary-Clare or Fr. Dennis or to leave a message for Bobbi Smirni .