Posted by: resparish | March 20, 2010

New Church Lighting Completed

You may have noticed that the lighting in our church is significantly brighter than it has been in some time  That is because of the replacement of light fixtures in the ceiling of the church which was completed this past week.

The original lights which were installed in the ceiling of the church when the church was built each required a ballast (i.e., a device designed to stabilize current flow in lamps).  Many of the ballasts had burnt out over the years, depriving us of about 50% of the ceiling lights, and we found that replacement ballasts were no longer available.  The facilities committee, led by the generous labor of Wes Leiser, had added additional lighting to the side soffets and behind the altar which partially compensated for the loss of ceiling lights but it was clear that we had to find new fixtures for the ceiling lights themselves.

The bulbs we finally found are newly developed, high-efficiency 200 watt bulbs (replacing the former 400 watt bulbs) which do not require ballasts.  However, these bulbs did required the re-wiring of the sockets for each of the bulbs.

The cost for the bulbs and their installation was approximately $13,000.  We are grateful for a generous donation made last December which provided funds for over half of the cost of this project.  We are also grateful to all of you whose generosity has helped to make this project possible – especially through your contributions to the Capital Campaign and to the Parish Maintenance collections.  The fruits of your generosity will be enjoyed by all who come to our parish church.