Posted by: resparish | October 15, 2009

Adaptations to Liturgy – Responding to the H1N1 Flu Crisis

Bishop McGrath has been in contact, once again, with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, which has informed him of an increase in the transmission of the H1N1 flu virus throughout the County. Although a vaccination for H1N1 is expected to be available within the coming months, the Health Department is warning that we should prepare for a season that will last through the late winter or even into the spring.

In response to the Health Department’s request, Bishop McGrath has once again instituted changes in our liturgical practices. The changes include the discouraging of the holding of hands or shaking of hands at any time during or outside of the Mass, the distribution of Holy Communion only under the species of the consecrated bread and only in the hand (not on the tongues of communicants). Other precautions are also urged.

Click here to read Bishop McGrath’s letter detailing the temporary liturgical norms.