Posted by: resparish | March 23, 2007

Resurrection Email Newsletters

Resurrection Parish is now offering two email newsletters to parishioners.

Parish Community Update is emailed monthly in order to help parishioners keep up to date on events taking place in and around our parish. It is automatically sent to all parishioners who have given us their email addresses (and who have not “unsubscribed” from our mailings). Click here to see current and/or archived editions.

Gospel Reflections is a weekly newsletter which provides background information and reflections on the following Sunday’s Gospel. It is designed to enrich people’s hearing of the Gospel on Sunday by introducing them to the ways that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John presented the message of Jesus Christ.

The initial parish edition of Gospel Reflections (covering the Gospel reading for March 25th) was sent to all parishioners on our email list. However, because it is a weekly newsletter, anyone who wishes to continue receiving it will need to specifically subscribe to our Gospel Reflections mailing list. (Instructions on subscribing are included in the initial mailing.)

If you are not yet receiving our newsletters and would like to subscribe to one or both of them it is easy to do so. (The process is pretty intuitive but detailed instructions are included below for any who would like to see them.)

1) Click on the “Resurrection Home Page” link below to be taken to our Resurrection Parish home page.

2) Once there, look for the “Join Our Email Lists” box toward the lower left-hand corner of the page, enter you email address in the box and click on the “Join” button.

3) If you are not already on the mailing list for one of the newsletters, skip to 4).
If you already subscribe to one of the newsletters, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to re-renter your email address and will be told that you will be emailed instructions on how to update your subscription preferences. The email you receive will contain a link which will take you to the page described in the next section of instructions (Number 4, below).

4) You will then be taken to another page where you will be asked to
a) enter you email address again (checking for accuracy);
b) enter your first and last names,
c) choose which newsletter(s) you would like to receive by checking the box next to its name.

[Note: if you are already subscribed to one list and wish to subscribe to the other one, make sure the boxes next to both lists are checked before continuing. Otherwise, you might be unwittingly unsubscribing from one of the lists.]

We hope you enjoy the newsletters and would welcome any suggestions you have to improve them.